Monday, January 12, 2009

Vampire Craze

Ok I really, really need to get this off my chest. I've tried too long to be polite and civil about here it goes.


First, I confess that I fell for this scam, I allowed myself to be dragged in. All the girls at work were going on and on about it so I read it, ok fine I read all four books. And yes I bought all four books too, wasted about $75 of my hard earned dollars on trash.
Secondly, you must be asking, if it was so bad then why DID you read them, no one made you do it. My answer to you is, I just wanted to see Bella die. Come on Edward just give the whining baby what she wants already. Let it be done....oh no wait....even then it STILL doesn't end..oh Lord.
Thirdly, ok, ok they are semi addicting, and for someone who enjoys reading more serious books, these were a nice break. This is serious "fluff". But what I don't understand is the absolute OBSESSION teen girls are having over this series. I work in a bookstore and these girls are dragging their parents all over the city to get these ridiculous books for them. Then getting mad when they find out that the series is sold out. Oh let's not forget the ridiculously overpriced hoodies, tshirts, BANDAGES, bookmarks, posters, stickers, bags etc etc etc.

Come on people wake up from your comma. I did. It's harsh.

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