Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Messenger Bag

I saw the coolest bag on ThreadBanger a long time ago on one of their podcasts and so I finally decided to make my own.

Basically it's a messenger bag made from an old men's suit jacket. I bought mine from my local second hand clothing store.

I think it turned out pretty good even though I completely forgot I needed the sleeves to make the shoulder strap and had already used that fabric to make a Christmas present. So I only had one sleeve left and I decided the best thing to do was just cut it into strips and zig-zag stitch it all together. I reinforced it with the stitches and then used that as the strap.

I'm actually really happy with the results. Although mine came out pretty big, it loo ks small in the photo but it basically covers half my body. So I think mine is more of an over nighter bag that happens to look like a sweet, sweet messenger bag! Jajaja.

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