Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Art Fire, Art Fire, Art Fire!

Hey guys I just wanted to let you all know about this new site I have found. Art Fire lets you sell your handmades without limiting the number of items you post and no listing fees.

If you want a verified account, it's $8.93 CA/month as part of their stimulus package. But there are only 326 spots left! After these spots fill the verified accounts will go up to $25.50 CA/month.

What I especially like about this site as opposed to, you know the other site (E***), is that EVERYONE gets to be on the main page. As items are posted they are featured on the main page, no extra charge!

So go check it out! If you think it's for you don't forget to fill in my name as a referral: Bodega.Alfaro or simply click on Register on ArtFire.com

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