Monday, March 23, 2009

The Samuel Musical

In case you haven't noticed yet, I love supporting local business, arts and music. And I am so happy to announce a new indie band based in London, Ontario: The Samuel Musical. Their new song is titled Would You Love Me and is amazing!

Not only that but my friend is in it! YEAH KELLY! So please, please go check them out on their myspace page. And if you would like to support them and other London musicians just pick up a copy of the Oh! Compilation One CD, offered by the Open House arts collective. You can find the CD at Grooves, on 353 Clarence St in London, ON, for only $5.99!

And not only do I love them but so does The London Free Press,
"All 12 tracks have something that makes me want to shout, but right now I'm thinking of the six magical minutes it takes for The Samuel Musical's Would You Love Me to swell like a symphony and then slowly fade away in sound and emotion. It doesn't hurt that the Musical's Sam Allen is the nephew of Lambeth fiddler and Canadian country music hall of famer John P. Allen."
Go check them out!

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