Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Undiscovered Etsy Shops

Ok so the thing is that I have two Etsy shops and two Artfire Shops and I've yet to sell anything on any of them! I love looking at all the cute things people make on these sites and am amazed at how creative people are. I also run into shops just like mine, tons of cool stuff for so cheap and not ONE sale. It must be so discouraging for those people, and so I think I'm going to attempt to showcase cool things I stumble upon on Etsy or ArtFire. The catch is that it will only come from stores that have had no sales or little sales. Maybe I'll be able to share an undiscovered gem with you :).

This weeks finds are....

from, a Learn To Live screen print, 9x 13", a 14x 11" print

an adorable set of earrings :)

And finally, from, a mini stuffed ninja, because really, who doesn't need one of these on their desk? So cute!

I hope you like them and find them as interesting as I do, and if you'd like to make these people's day, buy a little something from their shop. I'm sure they would appreciate it :)


  1. Sweet stuff! (got your blog on Ravelry)

    That's a great way to sell your stuff if you produce a lot of handmade things!