Saturday, June 27, 2009


Today is not a good day. I'm feeling really down I guess and listening to depressing love songs is not helping! But I can't make myself turn it off. Anyway, along with complete boredom comes the strange urge to take random pictures of myself on my crappy MacBook camera. So I just added it on here and as you can see from my eyes today is one if those self pity filled days. I have one at least once a month and then I'm over it and on I go to a new day.

I guess I'm just really starting to feel the distance between my boyfriend and I. I think I'm just being a big baby because we talk every day on the phone and see each other at least once a month. But for the five years that we have been dating we basically saw each other almost every day. But then in October of 2008 I had to move back home for financial reasons and we are now a long distance relationship. And although I try hard not to think about it or just be happy that we do communicate as much as we do, it's really hard for me. And now that I will be moving to Toronto for at least four years for school, who knows how much longer we'll be apart. It stinks ultra bad (lol).

Wow that sounds so depressing, lol, I'm sorry guys. Okay let me try to end this on a happier note...nope I got nothing right now. I'll try again tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not for the faint of heart

Every summer, in the city where I grew up and am living in presently, around June and July there is an infestation of Fish Flies. They are the most disgusting insects I have ever laid eyes on. They cling onto everything: store fronts, cars, roads, people! So even if you don't want to, you end up stepping on them and hear the "crunch" as you're killing them with every step. And although this should make me feel good since I loathe the nasty creatures it just makes me feel like vomiting. I have such a huge phobia of these insects, it is not even funny! I swear if one EVER landed on me, you would be able to hear my screams in the next continent! So needless to say I wish they would go away and never come back! Or more realistically once I leave for Toronto, I will never make this city my home again. I'll visit but not make it my permanent residence.

Monday, June 22, 2009

YEAH ME! (x1)

Weight loss update:

I've lost 3 pounds...booooo. But my boyfriend is down around 7 lbs, YEAH HIM!!!

The next blurb you may or may not find silly. Right now I am living 2 hours away from my boyfriend, so we end up seeing each other usually 1-2 a month. So we made a promise that we will be at least 5 lbs thinner each time we meet. So far he has beat me and I, sadly, couldn't even do 5 lbs. BUT this only means I just have to try harder.

Life update:

So....last time I said I had a feeling I would have something exciting to share with all of you? Well it has come true! I applied to a professional school in Toronto and I got in :) Which means I start a new chapter of my life come January 2010. SO EXCITED! A bit anxious about having to do the whole study/exams/sleepless nights bit again but Lord knows I DO NOT wish to work as a cashier for life. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but it is not for me.

Life is looking up again and the sun is shinning on my world.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Hello all!

I am SO sorry that I have all but abandoned my poor blog. I don't even know what happened, but one day I just didn't feel like blogging and so it continued until today.

BUT I'm back :) Everything is going "well", I have finally managed to score a job, is it a job I actually want? Absolutely NOT, however I'm just thankful to have one at all. I actually just started last week and so far I think all the people there are very nice, but isn't it always like that at the beginning? haha.

Also, I want to brag, lol, that I won (!) a $25 gift card to MAC cosmetics from a contest two of the makeup "gurus" were having on YouTube. YEAH!!! (Doing a little dance) And yes I know $25 is not that much when getting things from MAC, but I'm extremely happy non the less. Plus the fact that I'm super, and I mean, super broke and I wouldn't have been shopping at the MAC counter at all if it wasn't for this gift card. So YEAH! I'll let you all know what I decided to buy once I get the card.

One of the biggest news is that my bestestest friend ever is finally coming back home, after abandoning me for almost 5 months! lol. I'm so excited to almost have her back, she won't be back until next week Wednesday. At which time I will make her go with me to Kelani class, cause I'm dying to try it out.

That last sentence brings me to another topic. So I've been dating my boyfriend for five years going on six (an eternity! lol). And from the time I started dating him I've somehow managed to gain THIRTY EIGHT (38) pounds!!! That's right people you have read that correctly! Needless to say, it's totally unacceptable and I am making a vow to lose all that weight in a healthy way. So starting yesterday I am on a full blown weight loss plan. Let the games begin! mail just came and I got a letter from one of my penpals!!! Kathrin if you're reading this, I LOVE getting your letters!! :)

Anywho... I can't concentrate on writing this blog post anymore because my hands are itching to open Kathrin's letter. I'll be writing more frequently, trust me, because I have a feeling I will be able to share some very good news with you all soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!