Friday, November 6, 2009

Work, work and more work

Okay this one is the ranting blog entry. Why is everyone around me sick?! Everyone is spreading their dirty sick germs all around me and I don’t want them. But at the same time I’m really tired of covering other people’s shifts because they are home sick with the flu. I’m sorry but I really don’t enjoy working 13 hour shifts at a crappy drug store. Which by the way stinks, because people come in with their sick children who are nearly throwing up in the aisles.

  And another thing, people stop with the hand sanitizers! You are letting these companies charge ridiculous money because they are shortages on hand sanitizers. What happened to good old fashioned washing of the hands?

Anyway, that was what I had to get out of my system today. On a positive note: I made it to the gym tonight just in time. I feel great! (That’s code for I’m heading to bed this minute)