Sunday, August 15, 2010

30 Day Shred week 2

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day ShredLEVEL TWO! That's right my ten days of level one are up. This morning was my first level two work out of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I must say, it's much harder than level one, but I love it already! This is the kind of workout I'm talking about. Level one was getting really boring quick.
I must confess however that out of the ten scheduled days I only completed six. Two of the four days I took off were because my knees where hurting so much. And the other two I only have myself to blame. I thought that instead of trying to make those four days up, I would just continue my scheduled work outs as originally planned.
As far as seeing any difference in my body, I haven't seen any changes at all. But I also didn't complete the ten days of level one in full so that's not a fair complaint. I only hope that the next ten days will be the ones that will bring changes to my body tone.

Wish me luck. I'll keep you all up to date!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hat-larious Bomber Hat

Good Saturday all! This post is a long time coming. I made this bomber hat as a christmas present last year. I had every intention of blogging about it and now it's a whole year later. 

I saw the tutorial for this on ThreadBanger, I gave it a try, made some modifications. Got bored left it sitting on my craft table for about 2 weeks, came back and finished it up 2 days before christmas.

What do you think? The funny part is that I'm already trying to figure out what I'm going to make people for christmas this year. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know, I would really appreciate it!

Holy moley, that front flap is HUGE!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Booty Camp Fitness Kick

Okay, okay I know I've posted before about my fitness bursts but this time I have something new. It's called Booty Camp Fitness. And no, for all you pervy men who get all googly eyed when I mention the name, it is not a dirty camp. It's actually an outdoor fitness camp for women. I had heard about this from trulyjess on Youtube. She mentioned it frequently on her vlogs but they were never available in the cities where I lived...until now. I was walking downtown to get some lunch and lo' and behold there it was, a poster for Booty Camp in Ottawa on a street lamp post! I was so excited that I convinced my coworker to join with me. We signed up for the July session in the Glebe and it was awesome! We both had a love/hate relationship with the camp but love won and we are signing up for the September session for another round of ass-kicking. I lost a total of 3 inches from my body. But I know I can do better, that's what September is for, I am going to commit 100%.

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day ShredI would have loved to sign up for July and just continue the momentum but unfortunately my work schedule wouldn't allow for it. So for July I am going to give  Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred a go. I am on day four. So far so good. Nothing too exciting to report. I woke up with some muscle pain after the first workout but nothing much so far. I'm excited for level two maybe I'll feel more then. I'll let you all know how this works out.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Food Share in Ottawa! Roots and Shoots

I moved to Ottawa in March of this year. I have to say that so far I am loving this city! Among one of the new things I'm trying out, since a new city equals trying new things for me, is being part of a food share. This year I joined the Roots and Shoots Farm share. So far it is going great! We are now in our fourth week of vegetable pick up and I can't wait until Thursday.

Basically how it works is, you choose either to buy a full or a half share. I went all in and got the full share. This means that I have the privilege of getting a nice amount of fresh, organic produce every week until mid October. I took pictures of some of the vegetables we got this past week. Enjoy!

By the way does anyone have any recipes for napa cabbage? I have never prepared this veggie before and have no idea what to do with it. Thanks!

Bins filled with organic goodness


Napa cabbage


Green beans, zucchini and a yellow thingy?