Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bodyrocking in Ottawa

I know I've posted a couple times on this blog about my current workout schemes. My current love is I have been working out with Zuzana since December 2010. I LOVE this site because not only are the workouts quick, killer and amazing but they're FREE! She uses minimal amount of workout equipment and for many of them easy alternatives are possible in case you don't have the workout equipment she uses. I don't have an amazing transformation story like the ones you see in the comments on her site, as it seems my body is not responsive to exercise. (After seeing a naturopath it seems that my body is out of whack and just refuses to let go of my excess weight. I was working on the imbalance with her but she's off on mat leave and now I'm trying desperately to save money for my move across Canada! )
But even though I haven't dropped a pound I'm beginning to see improvements in my form and numbers. When I began this particular journey my burpees were majorly lacking and now they are beginning to look half decent. I'm also not deathly terrified of them, just a little scared.

Anyway, I say give her a try. If anything to challenge your body in a different way.