Monday, April 23, 2012

Hibernation Over

I'm back from my blogging hibernation! 

I feel terrible for completely abandoning my blog. But I haven't been feeling very creative in the past few months and I can really feel how that has affected me. I realized that I channel my inner emotions through my creative process even more than I thought. So I have decided to take up crafting again even if only in small doses. Currently, the financial situation is very tight so I am going to try to stick with small projects. 

DIY in progress
Today my obsession is a mirror I purchased for $10 from a local thrift store that I plan to paint a vibrant colour. It is similar to the one I have linked. As gold is not a colour I am remotely interested in incorporating into my home decor, I am currently undecided as to what colour I want to go with. Colours I am playing around with are robin egg blue, or mustard yellow. 
Robin Egg Blue
Mustard Yellow
I'm going to have to make my decision in the next hour because I have set a goal to have my beautiful mirror hanging on my wall by the end of tomorrow. 

I can't wait to show you the finished product! 

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