Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bedside table lamps **update**

I finally started the lampshade makeover portion of my bargain bedside lamps. I prepared my work space **cough** coffee table **cough**, grabbed myself a drink, glue gun, glue sticks and a movie. Having read other blogs I knew that a marathon of folding and gluing was about to ensue. Well this little lady didn't really think this through. I only bought a 100-pack of coffee filters. Needless to say I didn't get very far. I got through about 1/3 of one lampshade in about an hour. Even though I was a little disappointed that I didn't finish it up today, I know myself and I'm pretty sure that I have crafting ADD. I get bored of a project very easily. This way I was excited enough to finish up the pack in one sitting and still feel like I want to continue.

My progress after an hour...

The lampshade lit up at night
Close up of the ruffles
Excuse my messy bedside table
So far I am in love! I think it goes perfectly with my Audrey Hepburn canvas print. I can't wait to see what it will look like lampshade finished and base spray painted silver.

That's all for now, 

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  1. OMG I LOVE THIS!!!!! I have PLENTY of coffee filters! :D

    Thank you for stopping by. :)